The Beartrap Summer Festival is more than just the headliners. Besides the great food and vendors, there is a plethora of musical talent performing on the mountain. Here is a quick overview of the bands and acts of Beartrap Summer Festival 2021.

Saturday 8/7/2021

Wylie “Crazy Horse” Jones - From the front range of Colorado, Wylie Jones is a one-man act. He is able to fuse tother his vocal, bass, guitar, keyboard, and even native woodwind instruments as part of his live looping. Wylie is his own reggae band. The sound is an homage to Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff, but the sound is just for you.

Ben Rice - One of the newer generations of blues singer-songwriters graces the Beartrap meadow with soul and style. Ture to the old style of the blues but with his modern and unique twist, Ben Rice will put that swing in your step and put a blue note in your heart.

That Damn Sasquatch – Fans of the Adam Sandler Movie might recognize the reference from Billy Madison. As it was That Damn Sasquatch who stole all the lunches on the field trip. Don’t fret, there will be plenty of food and drink on the meadow while the band That Damn Sasquatch plays their assortment of music from bluegrass, zydeco, and country.

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts - Don’t request any Florida George Line covers from this outlaw country band. Unless that is you want a fight. Ryan Chrys was born on a ranch in Montana. That’s where his mama taught him to strum a guitar and sing a tune. The fight just came naturally.

Sunday 8/8/2021

Lander Volunteer Fire Dept. Pipe Band - The majestic sound of bagpipes will kick off day 2 of beartrap. The morning starts with a tribute to our brave men and women of service. Military, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders are honored by the Lander Volunteer Fire Department Pipe Band.

Lionel Young Band - Typically, you don’t think of a violin when it comes to blues music. However, Lionel Young has done just that. In many ways he mastered it. Music and songwriting is an organic process. A dash of Dixieland, a sprinkle of Hendrix, a smidge of Coltrain, and we are bound to have magic in the Beartrap Meadow.

Felix y Los Gatos – When it comes to the blues, there are many styles from the Delta blues to boogie-woogie. Felix y Los Gatos from New Mexico bring Zydetejano blues to Beartrap. It’s their unique blend of Latin flair, traditional blues, New Orleans Zydeco, and outlaw country. It ranges from soulful ballads to swinging rockabilly groves. Like a good batch of green chilies, Felix y Los Gatos are going to bring the heat.

Ghost Town Blues Band – Rolling in like tumbleweeds and bring the sound like thunder, the Ghost Town Blues band will hit the stage Sunday afternoon. They are a little southern rock and a whole lot of blues. In 2019, their album “Shine” debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Blues chart. They aren’t your typical blues band.