If you’re heading to the Beartrap Summer Festival hoping to hear some classic country music, you’ll be happy to know that Mark Chesnutt has been delivering exactly that for nearly 30 years. Don’t just take our word for it – entertainers from George Jones to George Strait have agreed. And with 14 number one hits, 23 top 10 singles, four platinum albums and 5 gold records, who are we to argue?

His website bio states “Remaining true to himself as a traditional country artist while still keeping up with the ever-changing country landscape, Mark has a knack for picking great songs; delivering them with his world-class vocals; and with real heart-felt emotion.”

In case you’ve forgotten some of Chesnutt’s hits (because let’s be honest, 30 years is a long time to be makin’ hits!), here are a few classics – “Goin’ Through The Big D” - I'm goin' through the big D/And don't mean Dallas/I got the Jeep/ she got the palace….” Or maybe you’re a fan of one of the jukebox songs…”Bubba Shot The Jukebox” or “Brother Jukebox” – Brother jukebox, sister wine/Mother freedom, father of time/Since she left me by myself/You're the only family I've got left. Let’s not forget the upbeat cautionary tale “It’s A Little Too Late” - But it's a little too late she's a little too gone/She's a little too right, I'm a little too wrong/Now would be a good time to change but it's a little too late.

Comin’ back to ya now? Well, there’s more where that’s from…plus some new/old offerings as well. 2018’s Gone But Not Forgotten features Chesnutt lending his voice to songs like Conway Twitty’s “Lost In The Feeling,” Roger Miller’s “You Can’t Do Me This Way” and the classic Waylon Jennings tune “Dreaming My Dreams With You.”

Yep, 30 years is a long time to be makin’ hits, and it doesn’t look like Chesnutt is slowing down any time soon. We’re lucky to have him join us on the meadow – so don’t miss your chance to watch him perform old favorites, and maybe discover a few new favorites, too.